Monday, December 31, 2007

They're gonna put me in the movies

Woo! This is the first time one of my occasional TV appearances has merited a namecheck in the Radio Times! I really must be famous! Although I don't get to be in the picture at the top of the column. And Kate Moss's documentary is five minutes longer than mine. And I'm not one of the 'choice' selections for the day in RT. I'm offended. I'll complain to my agent and manager and drug dealer. Well, actually, I'll just sit here complaining to my blog and enjoying a sherbet fountain.

Anyway, 2008 beckons! Tomorrow is the dawn of a new productive era of Zoomy! There'll be writing and memorising and achieving and weight loss! Sherbet fountains are low fat, right?


Ian said...

Happy New Year to you, Zoomy! Looking forward to watching you on the telly!

SamT said...

Happy new Year ZZ
I shall try and remember to turn on C 5 though Its a crap picture we get.

Sam said...

Happy New Year ZZ! Did you not get a say in the title? I'm not sure I'd be happy with the term 'mentalist'.

V. exciting though!

Ace* said...

Yay! You're super famous now!

Happy New Year, Benny Boy, and the same to whoever reads this message

Zoomy said...

Yes, I got a say in the title. It was going to be called "Brain Men" until I insisted on the change. I love "The Mentalists"!

Boris said...

Is there a chance to watch it online? Or can anybody from the UK record it for us foreigners, please?