Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is there a job where the ideal qualifications are fatness and laziness?

Well, I didn't do any memory training today. In fact, I've done nothing at all all day, unless you count doing a couple of extra-difficult hanjie puzzles and watching a heck of a lot of sport, sitcoms and cartoons on telly. I haven't written my book either, and you promised to pester me about it, so it's your fault, readers. There are times when I'm frankly disgusted with myself. What I need is a slavedriver, to force me to do things that I really want to do but am too idle to actually sit down to. Where does one hire a slavedriver these days?

I have been thinking, though. Did I tell you I've left my job at NCN now? No, that's right, I deliberately refrained from mentioning it because I felt vaguely ashamed of being voluntarily unemployed again. But frankly, that's silly. It wasn't much of a job, and if I can't get a good permanent job that I really like (which, judging by the last few months, is surprisingly hard to do), I don't need to spend my time doing temp jobs (even temp-with-the-possibility-of-making-it-perm-later jobs like that one) that I don't particularly enjoy.

In fact, to take things one step further, I think I might have issues with the whole accountancy thing. Perhaps it's time to stop saying that I don't want to try to make a living from the memory stuff, and really try it to see if it actually is possible. You never know, I might like it. And now's the time to try, while I still have money sitting around in the bank. If I'm honest about things, a main reason I've been reluctant to try it before is that I didn't want people to think I can't hold a proper job like a normal person. Well, I think I can get round that mental block if I really try - after all, I'm nearly 31, I've been an accountant for well over ten years now, my mother's going to be disappointed in me whatever I choose to do for a living and everybody else actually would think I was quite cool if I was a professional memory man.

So I'll give it a go, while still looking for a good office job at the same time. I'll sit down and work on the book, and also look into performances and TV appearances and writing other things and so on. Yay! This is the dawn of a bright new era, or else the dawn of a lot more sitting around doing hanjie puzzles and watching telly. We'll see.


Homer Glen said...

Technically, no one actually agreed to pester you.

Pester Post

Homer Glen said...


Mike said...

1. Human Resources receive job app from a Mr B Pridmore.

2. HR person looks him up on internet.

3. HR person finds interesting blog.

4. HR person not impressed with confession that acc ounts isn't his bag!!

Zoomy said...

I have never yet known a potential employer to go to the trouble of looking me up on the internet. I think the risk is worth taking. Besides, they'll be impressed by my refreshing honesty, right?

james said...

I agree with mike, this seems to be a bit risky.

btw: facebook tells me to join the group "Ben Pridmore should get his dredlocks back". Whats that about? ;)

Zoomy said...

That's a different Ben Pridmore, no relation, who lives in Buckinghamshire. I have never had dreadlocks, but I certainly should get some. Anyone want to set up a Facebook group campaigning for it?

Or failing that, how about a return to the spiky hair I had circa 1988? Now that was one cool hairstyle, believe me.