Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bons mots

Have you ever spontaneously said something really funny and clever, but in a context that takes so long to explain that you can never repeat it to anyone without making it a long, boring anecdote? Well, to heck with it. Even though the line itself isn't funny unless you were there at the time, here's an abridged-as-humanly-possible summary of the online conversation.

Me: Yes, I forgot to take my hat when I got off the train. Twice.
Friend: Tut, didn't you read the manual? Rule one: Never take the hat off.
Me: (reading manual) Hey, also, you're not supposed to keep chickens in one.
Friend: Yep, I had a problem with that once. So many eggs...
Me: That's only a problem if you forget to check it's empty before you put it on. And even if you do, you can always quip "Boy, do I have egg on my face!"

Anyway, Dublin beckons! It's a flying visit, in more ways than one, I'll only be on Irish soil for about 24 hours, but in that time I'll get to hang out and watch the rugby with Charlie Garavan (who conveniently lives very close to my hotel) as well as talk with The Panel about memory and hats. I even get a write-up on their website!


Anonymous said...

Probably not a good thing to mention rugby in Ireland, after what happened tomorrow afternoon.

Ace* said...

After what happened tomorrow afternoon? Wow! Can you tell me next weeks lottery numbers?

CaasiisaaC said...

If only the rest of the world possessed the good looks of that panel, I’d be the most handsome man in the world!

Anonymous said...

To Kaiser Chiefs' "Ruby"

Zoomy, Zoomy, Zoomy, Zoomy