Saturday, August 11, 2007

It'd take a dozen skivvies, his clothes to wash and scrub

Woo, the football season is back! And with it comes Match of the Day on the BBC on Saturday nights, coinciding nicely with the othello tournament on kurnik! I can get back to my usual Saturday routine of avoiding seeing the football results so I can be surprised when I watch the highlights. Which is going to be a bit harder this year, with Derby being back in the Premiership. I haven't heard any celebrating fans running through the streets this evening, so they probably lost.

Normally speaking, staying up till nearly midnight isn't a problem, it being Saturday, but tomorrow I need to be up at the crack of dawn to get a series of rail replacement buses down to Boston, so I can be filmed hanging out in Tumby Woodside. Times like this I need reminding why I agreed to this whole documentary idea. I'm still getting used to working five days a week again, I can do without giving up half of my weekend too. Moan, mutter, grumble...


Boris said...


you never told me that Derby actually is a city. I always thought it was a town of 25.000 inhabitants or something like this ;)

You dont support Derby County, do you ? There is another team in your city?

See you in Bahrain,

Zoomy said...

It's a small city :)

No, I don't support Derby, I support Boston Utd, because I grew up in Boston. But now they've been relegated to some tiny little league as punishment for financial irregularities and things, so it's even less cool to support them now...

So you're definitely going to Bahrain? Fantastic!