Monday, August 06, 2007

Homeward bound

The TV people are taking me to my old house in Tumby Woodside on Sunday, presumably to wander around and point at things as if they hold some special significance to me. Which will be cool. I haven't been there since, ooh, probably more than five years ago, whenever it was that my dad moved out. When was that, anyway? See, this is why I'm famous for my bad memory. Now, hang on, association techniques ahoy, I remember talking on VPS about having to take all our old toys to my flat in Boston, and subsequently talking about it in real life at what was almost certainly the famous VPS Meet 7th April 2000. So it's probably more than seven years, if that's right. My passport has his original address in Huntingdon as my emergency contact details (I should probably change those some day - my emergency contacts are my late father and my brother at an address he left about two years ago), and I got the passport in June 2000. Although I might not have filled in the contacts bit for a year or two.

I can't imagine Tumby Woodside has changed very much since I was last there (come to think of it, I went down there on my motorbike once or twice to see what the new owners had done with the house, so it was well before I got rid of the bike in late 2002). There isn't much to change - it isn't so much a village as a road, about a mile long, with farmhouses here and there and a clump of four council houses incongruously dropped in the middle of nowhere, possibly due to a clerical error, in one of which I spent my halcyon days. The whole idea of going there has put me in a nostalgic kind of mood, though. Some time when I'm not being filmed, I'll take my bike down to Boston on the train and cycle out to Tumby Woodside, Coningsby and Tattershall and all the surrounding places. Maybe up to Horncastle too, although that would take a lot of cycling (ten miles from Boston to Tumby, and another ten from there to Horncastle, which involves cycling up the only hill in that part of Lincolnshire along the way). Yep, I really like this plan now. I'll have to see when I can fit it into my busy schedule...

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Anonymous said...

Tumby Woodside never changes.Just the low flying aircraft into Coningsby.

Although the recent earthquake brought scenes of something akin to a street party, where four people actual stood together in the middle of the road and asked what was going on.

Six years here, and thats the most exciting thing thats happened.

A perfect description if ever i read one.

Dave - Tumby Woodside