Monday, October 17, 2005

Skeletor, Dick Dastardly, Count Duckula, Tom Cat, Captain Pugwash

Yes, two entries in one day, just to make up for skipping Saturday. Don't expect deep insights, though. I've just seen the video to Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To?", which has the above list of cartoon characters written on a wall, for reasons presumably best known to the band. Nice mix of personalities there.

It actually surprised me a bit - I'd been under the entirely mistaken impression that the Franz Ferdinand gang were significantly younger than me, as everyone seems to be nowadays, somewhere in their early twenties. And that would mean that they were of a generation less likely to know of Skeletor or Duckula (both have made various resurrections over the years, but there's a definite gap for that age group, as Ed Cooke and his friends demonstrated at the world championships when we got talking about Skeletor, like you do).

In fact, it seems that three of the four band members are older than I am! This teaches me two important lessons: 1) Don't assume that cool people are young, and 2) It's not too late to become a pop star! This has cheered me up quite a bit, really.


Sam said...

Skeletor still scares the crap out of me! Seriously, though, Zoomy - I'm only young and I've heard of all those cartoon characters.

In fact my last ring tune was the Stop the Pigeon theme song.

Anonymous said...

What's Duckula? I know Skeletor.

Zoomy said...

I don't think Duckula ever really made it outside Britain. He was a vegetarian vampire duck who lived in Transylvania and had a sinister butler called Igor and a dimwitted Nanny who insisted on calling him Duckyboos.

Made by the people who did Dangermouse, and extremely funny at times. One episode featured a man who'd memorised pi to thousands of places and spent the whole episode in a trance reciting it.

Fernandito said...

Im 50 years Old and Count Duckula was popular in my country (Argentina) when I was a child.