Friday, April 01, 2016

The draw!

Okay, we've had the live draw for groups! It goes a little something like this...

Group A - Johannes Mallow, Tsetsegzul Zorigtbataar, Ben Pridmore, Jan-Hendrik Büscher

(could've been a lot tougher, but I'm not sure it's a good thing to be up against the reigning champion and two people I haven't met before - Tsetsegzul was consistently solid at all five disciplines in qualification, Jan-Hendrik was exceptional at names and words but not so strong in the others...)

Group B - Boris Konrad, Lance Tschirhart, Anudari Adiyasuren, Marlo Knight

(Lance and Marlo were in the same group last year, too...)

Group C - Simon Reinhard, Marwin Wallonius, Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag, Johnny Briones

(this is the group of death - poor Johnny...)

Group D - Alex Mullen, Yanjaa Altansuh, Bat-Enkh Shijir-Erdene, Everett Chew

(young guns, go for it...)

Group E - Katie Kermode, Purejav Erdenesaikhan, Melanie Höllein, Wessel Sandtke

(good draw for Katie, possibly, but how will the others do?)

Group F - Christian Schäfer, Johannes Zhou, Shi Binbin, Johann Randall Abrina

(another very tricky group!)

As a reminder, this is the structure for the knockout phase, like last year, bearing in mind that groups B, C and D above are groups D, B and C respectively in that structure. So that means that if I win my group, I'm up against third place in group B, D or E in the round of 16. If I finish second, I'm playing the second place in group D. Finish third, I'm up against the winner of group C or D.

But let's play with permutations later. I need to get in training, fast!

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