Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's fun!

Have you seen those adverts for a thing they're calling a Zoingo Boingo Freestyle Pogo? Perhaps not, if you don't watch Cartoon Network, but it's being described as "like a classic pogo stick on a ball!"

It's not that at all, though - someone's been searching around for a way to use a warehouse full of selfie sticks, poked in all the corners until they found a thirty-year-old stockpile of Lolo Bals, put the two together and hey presto! Get ready for the British championships in Sutton Coldfield in September...
 photo Lolo_zps3dqyhvme.jpg

It all puts me even further into a nostalgic mood. I was in Reading last Friday night, and on Saturday took a moment to wander around town, and discovered the most awesome shop! One of those places crammed full of old comics, books, videos, records, toys, and cool stuff like that - I'm pretty sure it exists mainly to give the owner a place to house and show off his collection rather than to generate any revenue, but I spent £10 on a couple of cartoon videos - one Mighty Orbots and one of those super-rare pre-cert Video Brokers Force Five tapes (albeit one with the GaiKing episodes I've already got on Yongard the Terrible). Some time when I'm a millionaire, I'll pick up a few of the classic comic annuals and things from there, too...

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