Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let's get ready to rumble. Extremely.

Qualification for the XMT starts on Monday, at midnight UTC (which turns out to mean GMT, I had to look it up). There's a video demonstrating how to do your own video of qualification attempts - you get five attempts at the discipline of the week, which next week is cards, followed by images, names, numbers and words, and your attempt has to be caught on camera, to discourage cheating.

I can still think of ways to cheat - villains will probably have some sort of dual-screen set-up with their henchman, Igor, scribbling down the cards very quickly and quietly and holding up a crib sheet off-camera for Doctor Diabolical to sneakily read from - but I recommend that rather than relying on Igor's handwriting being good enough, you play by the rules and qualify honestly. It's much more fun that way! Also, the prize for just turning up and not being able to memorise anything isn't enough to cover the cost of your travel and Igor's salary, so crime just doesn't pay.

I myself will be doing qualification attempts and even filming them, even though I don't need to, because that's exactly the kind of thing I need to keep the training motivation flowing. I'll share the videos with you all here, assuming I can get my head around the necessary technology.

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