Friday, December 26, 2014

Doctor Who is still rubbish nowadays

To be fair, the season-ending two-parter was fun to watch - I don't mind it being a re-write of a story they've already done over and over again if it's still entertaining. But the Christmas special didn't have that excuse, and good grief, can they really not think of a better idea than the dreams-within-dreams thing? Here's hoping they've hired some new writers for 2015.

In other news, I'm still faithfully training in each XMT discipline twice a day at least, and have resolved to do some work on the national-standard disciplines as well on some kind of regular schedule going forwards. The Welsh championship in March isn't too far away, and it'd be nice to go to a competition feeling like I'm prepared and able to put in a good score. To be quite frank, the scores I got in 2014 were really disturbing - I've been out-of-practice before and still produced much better performances than that, but lately I seem to have sunk to a whole new level of unpreparedness. Which is strange, because while I haven't done any kind of regular training, I have managed little bits here and there - I guess the years of not really devoting myself to memory practice have caught up with me. We'll just have to see what I can do about that.

And then there's the Tenth Cambridge/Friendly Memory Championship to think about, too! I'm thinking of holding it in June next year, to avoid the really congested May of the 2015 memory championship calendar. Anyone with any preferences for date should shout out now. Location may or may not be Attenborough - after being baked alive there in 2014, it's possible that we might find a place not dominated by such a big window and lacking in air conditioning, but I'll keep you all informed about that...

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