Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not your biggest fan, but maybe your medium-sizedest

I don't recall mentioning it for a while, but I really love Stephen King's books from around the mid-90s to the mid-00s. I don't really get on with his earliest stuff, or the more recent ones, but in that era, he really strikes a chord with me. Situations like this always make me wonder what I would say if I met someone like that - "I really love certain of your works"? "Aside from those books that I don't particularly like, I greatly admire your writings"? Not that the situation's likely to arise, but I think it's important to be prepared for this kind of thing with some sort of snappy phrase.

Actually, I always hope that when I meet someone super-famous and awesome, they'll have heard of me. Never happened yet...


Anonymous said...

Well... You kinda meet yourself everyday, right?

Dai Griffiths said...

I think your phrase mid-oos should be in the English dictionary. It can be pronounced Ooze and used for centuries to come.

It sounds much better than Noughties which sounds like Naughties and is terrible grammar, riduculous sounding and it's much more sensible than most of the ridiculous words that some dude called Shakespeare invented when he was going through his memory phase.

Lets face facts though, reading the Tempest is like talking to a mnemonist who is responding in code by talking in numbers to represent pictures so, it probably won't be included because it's just too sensible.

If anyone has shown that sensible words are not included or even treated with sensiblity, it's Shakespeare, Ice T, Eminiem and the Oxford English Dictionary.

You may get a word from the first sentence in there though.

I reckon that the Friendly Memory Championship is going to be really skwooshing this year. I'm peritopically certain of it being a magnificacious event.

Also, it's really cool that loads of birds want to come up to you every year.

How ironic it is that i'm now faced with having to read and copy the capture. I suspect Shakespeare invented that too. Shame on he that destroyeth English education.

Alas, 'tis late. One must deputize oneself from wakefulness. If only to rise on the morrow only to recant such ramblings of a perplexiconfuddling nature.

Should a team of psychiatrists happen by at the tavern and hear such things only after the competition, all wouldst be committed.