Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Ba Ni Bi

I don't watch the Eurovision Song Contest. And I mean that in the way that some people say they don't smoke, because they only have three or four cigarettes a day, ten at most. As usual this year, I saw that it was on, decided I wasn't going to bother watching it, sort of left it on in the background while not actually watching it as such, and saw the whole thing.

The songs were pretty uniformly awful, as usual, but there's always one that I like, and that usually finishes somewhere low down in the top half - this year it was Hungary, with the very catchy "Kedvesem", by ByeAlex. I'd vote for it, if I watched Eurovision.


Dai Griffiths said...

One good thing about it is that they allow minor celebrities to compete. I think you should apply next time. It's not as if you haven't sung on television before.

Anonymous said...

The Hungarian song got 12 points from Germany. You are too influenced by our culture. ;-)

Anonymous said...

by th way, bonnie tyler was (is!) magnificent.

Zoomy said...

And Hungary didn't get a single point from Britain. Obviously I need to go and live in Germany, with all those like-minded people, and represent them at next year's contest instead of Britain!

Also, Bonnie Tyler's song was atrocious. Sorry.