Saturday, September 03, 2011


Watching Doctor Who tonight, I was thinking "Oh, I really don't want to devote my whole blog tonight to writing about how bad this episode of Doctor Who was, that's just so horribly negative and mean-spirited and unnecessarily hurtful towards the writer and the actor who played the father if he happens to read this, but I don't think I've got any choice, because this really is really really bad..." and so on in that vein for a full forty minutes.

But then there was a final brief scene in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory go back to the Tardis, and I'm left with the feeling that hey, maybe it wasn't so bad after all. Which is funny, because it was that bad - I'm all in favour of them doing cheap episodes normally, because they tend to be original, clever, well-written and well acted, but this one was quite the opposite - but the three regular characters just go so well together that it redeems even the worst load of rubbish!

And if you think about it, throughout the fifty-year history of the programme there have been pairings of the Doctor and companions that have just been so good that even if they never appear in a story that's watchable. And the current line-up is the best that the new series has ever had! I still love Doctor Who.

But seriously, I've never seen such bad acting as the guy who played the father. Where did they find him?

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