Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look for signs that summer's done

Winter's drawing near. It's dark outside, and cold and nasty. And it's September tomorrow, which is a good indicator that August is over. I really would prefer it if it was still summer. I'm seriously thinking about emigrating to Australia. Do people still do that?

And come to think of it, have I blogged about this before? I do consider emigrating to Australia on an annual basis around this time of year, I've probably said this half a dozen times before now. Maybe I could devise some kind of solar mirror weapon that makes it warm and sunny in Beeston and the surrounding area all through the winter? And also light in the mornings and evenings, because before long it'll be that time of year when I'm cycling to and from work in the dark, and that's really depressing.

I should consult an almanac or a set of astronomical tables to find out if that happens before October 28th, when my contract with Boots ends. If it doesn't, I really will emigrate. Or start working very long night shifts so I'm cycling to and from work in the daylight.


Katy said...

I haven't even thought about that song in over 20 years, never mind got it stuck in my head. Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and congrats on your recent win. Is there much in the way of memory competitions in Australia or would you have to try and join up with all the Chinese competitors?

Zoomy said...

I'm glad my school wasn't the only one that made children sing that dreary song!

And no, there's just the one competition in Australia every year, and it's even less well-attended than the UK one as a rule. But it would be good to be closer to the Chinese memory army...