Friday, May 13, 2011

It needs to be said

Yes, three blogs today, to make up for the disappeared ones. After nearly a month of steady weight loss (11 pounds in total!), I put a couple back on last weekend after going away for a high-calorie picnic and then a Burger King on the way back just for the heck of it, and since then I've been struggling to stick to eating right. In fact, yesterday, I bought one of those big giant bars of dairy milk because it was relatively cheap, and after eating half of it in the space of five minutes (entirely composed of I'll-just-have-a-little-nibble) I decided to be resolute and throw it in the bin.

And now it's calling to me from the bin, where it's all wrapped up and would be perfectly edible. Giving in to temptation would make me the worst kind of monster, I know, but I'm really sorely tempted. I'm not even hungry, I'm just bored with healthy food. I'll just have to exercise some willpower...

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