Saturday, January 29, 2011

A collective regime of peace and love

I don't generally devote a blog to sharing a cool song I found on the internet, but:

Great Ceauşescu's ghost, this is a work of genius! A complete history of the Soviet Union, told in terms of Tetris. The lyrics are brilliant, and the video is sensationally epic! And the group who created it, Pig With The Face Of A Boy, a neo-post-post-music hall anti-folk band, have a really great website with lyrics, merchandise, a picture of themselves crouching in the undergrowth and more, that you all should go and check out right now!

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Geoff Peterson said...

The Tetris themed video is quite clever of them. They should write a book.

I actually learned to play the Tetris theme song (Korobushka) from Eltjo Haselhoff. I highly recommend his DVD on finger-style guitar if you're ever interested in learning how to play guitar.