Sunday, September 05, 2010

Return of the ukulele

I went into Nottingham today for no particular reason, and was walking through the Victoria Centre when I heard the sounds of ukulele music. It turned out that the music shop were having some kind of ukulele event, including free lessons/singalongs with the guy who wrote my teach-yourself-ukulele book. He even recognised me, too, although he seemed doubtful when I suggested he might have seen me memorising things on the telly and asked whether I do cabaret or anything like that.

Still, I know an omen when I see one, and clearly this means I should stop wasting time practicing memorising things, and start practicing the ukulele. I might even join the Nottingham Ukulele Group, which is probably going to be formed shortly by someone else who was there today.

I appreciate that I'm probably never going to be the World Ukulele Champion, both because no such title exists and because my fingers are generally clumsy and useless, but it would almost certainly be fun anyway...


Ace* said...

Perhaps you could learn to play it with your long toes - that could get you noticed :0)

Anonymous said...

I can see you playing the ukelele in a heavy metal band Ben ;-)

ps. Congratulations on winning The UK Open. Computer problems (caused by me) delayed me from saying it before (for a change).

Dai Griffiths

Boris said...


I just googled "World Ukulele Champion" and guess who is on number 1? ;)