Saturday, August 14, 2010

The secret to harmonious co-habitation

My brother was away in Leamington Spa last night, and he's away in Bingham or somewhere tonight, and just paid a flying visit here on his way between the two while I was out today. I came home to find the only change was a pair of cowboy boots had replaced the flip-flops in the hall (he has unusual tastes in footwear), and a pack of newly-developed photos had appeared on the kitchen table, containing lots of drunken pictures from his first Saturday night back in the country.

These photos were taken (a little unprofessionally - this is about the only one without a thumb over the lens) just before the immortal phrase "Hey, there's a webcam on my laptop that I never use..." sprang to my lips. Next time, hopefully, the phrase "And there are people I work with who follow me on the internet, so we'd better not post anything embarrassing" will spring up too, but that's another matter.

Still, this picture of a bad day for He-Man is quite artistic. The blurry book in the foreground is "The Remains Of The Day", which sort of sounds appropriate for the scene depicted. And it has the advantage of showing my bare foot. I often mention to people that I've got freakishly long toes, and offer to show them, but most people object to me taking my shoes and socks off and sticking my feet in their face, on grounds of hygiene and general good taste. But now I can just show them this photo, and have them react with disgust and horror!

Anyway, the brother's going back into Chinese exile in a couple of days, so I can miss him again, but until then, I'm just lying back, enjoying the peace and quiet and the return of football highlights on a Saturday evening. Ahh, bliss.


Anonymous said...

If this is part of an attempt to start a new career as internet meme like Numa Numa Boy following the memory sports career - it might work.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit!

Anonymous said...

so you take photos when someone is fall asleep master
that's illegal!

El Liver said...

Your toes are long, I wonder if you could teach your feet how to type. That would be both cool and bizarre.

Anonymous said...

El Liver my master!

Mike said...

I have looked at the photo several times; are you sure there is a person in it? Is it some sort of camouflage to evade the fearsome Skeletor?

Anonymous said...

Ben, Why your "spoken number" score so low?

Zoomy said...

So low? It's the fourth-best score in the world, isn't that good enough for you? I mean, I have told you before that I'm no good at memorising things...

Anonymous said...

There's only one problem with that: two spades were used but only one gardener. Try again.

Muhammad Iril said...

Hi, Ben

my name is iril
I'm from indonesia

I know you from here

I just want to ask

are you interest to play blindfold cubing?
I saw all of you have a good memorization

sorry for my bad grammar

nice to meet you

I'm just started to learn speed card
using PO
in 7 minutes

thank you
greetings, iril

Interesting said...

How does memorising a scrambled rubik's cube in about 11.5 seconds compare to memorising a pack of cards in 21.9 seconds?

Muhammad Iril said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhammad Iril said...

but I thought all of you have a good long term memory to do multiple blindfold

rubiks 3x3x3 just have 12 pair edges and 8 pair corners