Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Radio Nottingham are quite persistently asking me to talk to them, but apart from that, there hasn't been much media interest in me for quite a while now. Possibly my fifteen minutes have nearly run out, along with my run as World Memory Champion (because I'm most definitely not going to win in December, so my only hope for keeping the title is if the championship is postponed indefinitely).

I would really like to find something else to be famous for. Being a star of low-budget documentaries about one subject is easy, but being documentarized for two completely different and unrelated reasons takes a special kind of talent. I just need to stumble across something else that I turn out to be good at - it took me the first 23 years of my life to discover memory competitions, but surely there must be something else out there that I'm not completely incapable of doing. I just need to devote some time to going around and trying something new. I've never tried needlepoint tapestry. Maybe I can invent a new way of doing that and become the world champion?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pridmore:

I want to ask you some questions.

Would you mind tell me your email address?

Thank you very much.


Zoomy said...

Dear weird stalker from India,

However many fake names and different methods of contacting me you use, I'm still not going to talk to you. Please leave me alone.

With fond regards


Dear anyone else who wants to find my email address - it's all over the internet, I'm sure you can turn it up if you look on Google. It starts with zoom_zoom_ben and it ends with yahoo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pridmore:

I am not a stalker!

I have already sent you an email.

Hope you could receive it.

Thank you so much!