Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buying things = happiness

I went into Nottingham today in the hopes of finding some cool recorder music in the music shop there (see my recent recorder-themed blog post), only to be remembered by the sales assistant who sold me my ukulele (she recognised me from the telly) and made to feel terribly guilty about not having played the thing for a long time. I considered buying another, more expensive, ukulele to compensate for these feelings of guilt, and because they had a really top-notch-looking one that cost hundreds of pounds, but I'm gradually coming to the realisation that buying ukuleles will never turn me into a real musician overnight. I bought some Beatles and Abba recorder sheet music and resolved to practice with my old ukulele some more. I'm really awesome with the recorder, though - some things you never forget. I may have to buy a new one, though, because my antiquated instrument (which I've had since I was about six) just can't manage the high notes as well as it once did. Maybe on my next trip to the music shop, by which time I will almost certainly be able to hold my head high when Rachel asks me how I'm getting on with the ukulele.

My day was then further enlivened by a trip to the comic shop, when I realised that a complete collection of Chris Giarrusso's indescribably brilliant "Mini Marvels" comics has been available since December, but nobody told me about it. I blame this shocking omission on everyone reading this blog, but I'm prepared to forgive you, because I've just had an afternoon's hilarious entertainment from the escapedes of Elephant Steve and his comrades. If you've been so inconsiderate as to not even read the comic yourself after deciding not to tell me about it, I heartily recommend it to everyone (although especially those with some knowledge about superhero comics in general and Marvel comics of the last ten years in particular, because otherwise most of the jokes will go right over your head). Also, please do check out everything else Chris Giarrusso has ever written. You won't regret it.

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