Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ooh Ecc

My ambition to not be fat really isn't helped by the fact that the little shop at the office has started selling eccles cakes. I can't resist eccles cakes, and whenever I notice that they're on sale, I just have to buy one. And then, obviously, eat it. It's not good for my waistline. I also got somewhat addicted to ecclefechan tarts over Christmas, ever since Sainsbury's listed them on their top Christmas lines list for my memory stunt, and I had to look up what they were, and think "Oh yeah, those things! I love those things!" What is it with pastries that start with 'ecc'? I must just be eccentric.

To illustrate this point, here's the picture of Wee Eck that I used in my Sainsbury's presentation to demonstrate associating characters with things like ecclefechan tarts:

Although nobody had heard of him, so the point didn't go across very well. This is probably why my memory talks are generally rubbish - I'm talking to the wrong audience. The entire Class 3 at the primary school where I do my reading volunteering call me "Ben 10", and they're enormously impressed by my miming of activating the Omnitrix and turning into Fourarms. Never work with adults.

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bootpainter said...

oh, well I remembered wee eck. And when I took a hard look at the three wee laddies (American actually) in a vintage snapshot I got the other day, I reckoned one of them had to be a relative of Wee Eck's.