Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up Close And Personal

If you're interested in a lengthy interview with me about memory competitions, with sensible and interesting questions unlike the kind you normally see in interviews with me, click here! If you're not, then click somewhere else. Or switch off your computer and go out and do something less boring instead!

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Chris D. said...

The BBC recently had an article about people who are remarkably good at recognising faces. Does anyone know if this talent translates well into the "Names and Faces" discipline in the WMC, or is their ability limited to remembering faces but not associating them with names? Conversely, do such super-recognisers tend to have more aptitude for the other WMC disciplines?

Enjoyed your interview very much! I hope you have a fantastic trip to Japan - both because, well, having lovely trips is lovely, but also because you might get so used to the fringe benefits of being the champion that it might inspire you to push yourself in ways that other motivational tools seem not to be able to...