Saturday, December 05, 2009

Scary picture

I finally got round to getting some new passport photos taken today, and...


Okay, I'm not used to seeing myself without glasses (you're not allowed to wear them in passport photos nowadays, and you're also not allowed to smile, which makes me look like some kind of psychopath), but this really isn't a good photo. Is it me, or is one of my eyes higher than the other? Or is my head just tilted? I look quite freakish. Never allow me to see myself without glasses again! See, now I've got another reason not to wear contacts!


Anonymous said...

How did you manage too look the same on all 4 photos?

Mike said...

I heard that biometric future technology can not distinguish people who have beards.

Let's hope they don't start putting ED209s in airports!

Boris said...

Looks like an totally normal passport photo to me. I guess they dont accept photos anymore, if you do not look freakish on it.

SamT said...

thought you could have a Mona Lisa kind of smile?
You know, its not the missing glasses you look weird without, its the missing hat.
If you can wear a burqa why not glasses in these pictues?