Monday, November 30, 2009

Floppy ears and curly whiskers

"The Book People" periodically come to Boots and set up shop, flogging reasonably-priced but not-very-good books. Today, however, they had a complete set of Beatrix Potters for a very reasonable kind of price, so I snapped it up. Well, if people ask me often enough to buy things, I always give in in the end. So now please excuse the brief blog, I'm off to read about Timmy Tiptoes.


Johann Randall said...
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Johann said...

Speaking of 'Books'.. How's that book of yours coming along? Have they given in to your demand of not doing another cookie cutter type book on memory? This would have been a wonderful time to launch it since you've just won back-to-back in the WMC, been all over the media and all that.