Friday, December 18, 2009

Pretty smart

I tried to find a link to watch tonight's Central Tonight online, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Still, if you do manage to watch it somehow (my bit is around the middle, fifteen minutes or so into it), you'll have the pleasure of seeing me in my suit and tie (plus hat), since I filmed it very early this morning before going in to work. And the sight of me memorising things in my work clothes really doesn't happen very often, so Zoomy-collectors will really treasure this one.


Anonymous said...

They expected you to memorize without your lucky t-shirt!? ~ JB

Anonymous said...

Here is a link of a video of you, not sure if it is the same as the one from Central Tonight

Zoomy said...

JB, yep, it's disgraceful, isn't it? Don't they know it's the shirt that's got the good memory?

Anonymouse, thanks, that's not Central Tonight, that's from the original 'training session' - that's also not my lucky T-shirt, but it is a lucky-ish non-work shirt, and my groovy leather waistcoat, so it's okay. Thanks again for finding the video!