Thursday, December 17, 2009

Central aisle

I'm getting up at some time before the crack of dawn tomorrow, to film some more supermarket-themed memory fun with Central News. And possibly an interview on Radio Nottingham, but I'm not sure about that - I spent most of this afternoon emailing the Sainsbury's person and the Radio Nottingham person on the subject (I didn't want to do it, because I've got a real job that I've been neglecting lately, but Sainsbury's begged and offered me food hampers) until I finally asked them to please sort it out among themselves. I should really have added "... and tell me whether or not I'm going to do a radio interview tomorrow morning", but I didn't, and they didn't, so I don't know. Never mind.

And after that, I'm going to stop blogging about memory and Sainsbury's every single night. It's time to move on to other subjects, I'm sure you must all be as bored with this theme as I am.


Anonymous said...

If you want here is my email:

RATM loves Zoomy said...

I hope you can mention in everything you do, that Rage Against The Machine (RATM) must get to number 1 this Sunday. I personally put all 100 (five rows of about 20 CDs) X Factor singles in a basket and hid them in Sainsbury's on Thursday. It's all for the cause.