Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been asked to put a link to the Major memory system trainer, created to help you learn probably the best system for remembering numbers. I'm nothing to do with this website, and I haven't given it more than a quick glance, so I take no responsibility for the contents, I'm just endorsing it because the creator asked me to. But hey, I'm sure it's very helpful if you want to learn the Major system! Check it out!

While I'm throwing links around, beginner memorisers should also be keeping up with memory-sports.com, which has lots and lots of helpful hints and advice!

And here's something I was meaning to blog about last week, but I was on holiday. It's day 40008 today, you know. If you didn't know, Microsoft Excel processes dates as a number, starting from January 1st 1900, and last Monday was equivalent to the number 40000! I like big round numbers, and I want to share them with the world.


Florian Dellé said...

Hi Ben, I tested the major code trainer. I don't think that it is very powerful. I like Memocamp better even if there is no numbers flash yet. But Michael assured me that it will come.

Memocamp has great potencial.

Best regards,

Adam Rulli-Gibbs said...

Ben: Thanks for the mention of the trainer. Much appreciated.

Florian: You're not really the target audience. World class memory sports competitors who have already memorised their chosen number encoding system won't get much (or anything) out of it.

It is aimed at those who want to memorise a number encoding system but have yet to do so and to lower the pain barrier of doing so.