Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's infectious

I do have a rule about not using this blog to comment on internet news stories, I know, but I couldn't resist pointing out that Yahoo News had a story today headlined "Parademic Accused Of Murder". They've fixed it now so that it says 'paramedic' instead, but it did make me giggle that all those 'pandemic' stories are contaminating unrelated articles (with no underlying health problems).

I'm not sure what a 'parademic' would be. 'Para' comes from the Greek meaning 'alongside' or something like that. A sort of secondary disease that makes the main epidemic even worse? But then again, 'demic' is only the Greek for 'people', it doesn't necessarily have any kind of medical connotation. Perhaps a parademic is some kind of similar but creepily different species that lives alongside humanity and occasionally gets accused of murder?

Actually, there's a film coming out soon along those lines that sounds cool. It's called "District 9", and I must try to remember to go and see it.

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Mike said...

Dear Mr. Pridmore,

I am a freelance journalist doing some work for the Sunday Tribune in Dublin. At the moment I'm working on a feature about mnemonists and was hoping to get the opportunity to ask you a few questions.

Would you have a few minutes to spare for a brief interview over the phone? I know you are very busy but any time at all would be much appreciated.

Feel free to contact me anytime on mikefreeman1 at gmail dot com.

Thanks and all the best,

Michael Freeman