Thursday, June 25, 2009

In which I attempt to write the shortest blog entry in history (not counting the title, because titles don't count. This is the longest title allowed)

Too much on telly on Thursday nights. And I still did a good hour of memorising as well as all the tennis and comedy and working for a living. I was going to write a blog about how the skin on my sunburnt arms is peeling, but I didn't want to upset anyone with the graphic descriptions.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nobody has asked you when you will tell your Abstract Image system, he he. There must be much confidence out there.

Personally, I can't wait to hear it just out of curiosity and went straight to yesterdays blog to see who's having trouble with them.

My system is complicated enough so I dread to think how long yours is Ben.

Keep up the hard work Ben !

Roll on London :-)

I worked out a new system the other day based on abstract images but, for names and faces. It is all quite logical and there's no need for facial recognition at all. Not much help in the real world if you actually want to remember someone's name and associate it with the face but it will work wonders in competition.

I haven't practised the system yet. I don't plan to this year either as, I am too lazy :-)

Dominic O'Brien's system for abstract images as was proposed many moons ago, is still on your memory sports group on yahoo by the way. Albeit not abstract images as we now know them.

I wonder if one day we will have a memory discipline in the same manner but, with snowflakes. Psychologists seem to like that with all that impossible and at the end of human ability stuff.



Anonymous said...

That made the blog a bit longer :-)