Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the abstract

I'm in the process of doing something I should have done years ago, and getting serious about abstract images. Specifically, I'm putting together a randomising program to mix up the images from the handful of practice papers available online and enable me to practice it every night. Still a lot of work to do - copying and pasting images into the Excel spreadsheet one at a time is time-consuming and tedious - but it works pretty well so far, and when it's finished I'll share it with the world. Meanwhile, I'm aiming to cut down my time for memorising a page and a half of images down to three and a half minutes, in among the various other training exercises I'm still more or less sort of sticking with.

Also, I need to find a new barber. While I'll grant you that it's hard to make my hair look great, the place down the road really made a mess of it last Saturday. I'd hate to have to go back to Derby every couple of months for a trim, but I haven't had much luck yet finding a half-decent scalper here in Beeston. Perhaps my expectations are too high - all hairdressers nowadays have a photo of David Beckham in the window, as if to promise they're going to make me look just like him...


Mike said...

This is similar to designing a random faces program on a web page.
It might be a good project to make a general purpose random image tool. Each specified subdirectory would be a particular type of image. eg. Facial hair.
It also has an onscreen co-ordinate for where to appear on a browser screen. So facial parts can superimpose on the same part of the screen or appear separately on the screen.
It would be re-usable for abstract images or another project.


Mike Carroll said...

cool stuff, let me know when you "let the world know" :).