Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair piece

I need a haircut. My remaining hairs don't grow all that fast, but they've already got to the length where it's starting to look silly, and this weekend's the last chance to get it done for weeks - Cambridge othelloing next weekend and New Yorking the week after. However, I was thinking of going to London tomorrow, and I distrust southern hairdressers. I'm almost certain that they all charge you a hundred pounds and give you a perm whether you want one or not.

I'll just have to find a barber around here that opens reasonably early in the morning, get my hair cut and then get the train down south. I could always not go to London, since my only reason for going is that I quite feel like it and I haven't been there for ages, but I believe in doing what your heart tells you to do, and then rambling on about some insignificant technicality on your blog the night before.

I suppose I could cut my own hair. I did that once, years ago, and nobody noticed. Or shave it all off like a cool person.


Anonymous said...

men without hair rule, just look at telly "who loves ya baby?" savalas, he shaved it of and became rich, famous and addicted to lollipops :D

Zoomy said...

But I'm already debt-free, the star of many exciting TV shows and addicted not just to lollipops but to everything with sugar in it! So logically if I shaved my head, I would instantly become poor, unknown and addicted to twiglets!

Hey, actually, that sounds like fun...

SamT said...

dont shave your hair off!!
And why don't you trust southern hairdressers?
Sounds all racist to me, lol.
A hairdresser can be good or bad regardless of location and there are plenty of both.
You have to look good for the Big Apple, as you might get bumped up a class on the plane as they think, thats that nice tidy bloke off the TV!