Wednesday, October 15, 2008

See Zoomy Play!

Click here! Click here! (only one clicky-thing, I'm just so excited I had to say it twice)

It's the video of our day at Alton Towers! And here's a viewer's guide for the benefit of those who want to know who's who. All the bright-sunshine scenes are of some other day, all the gloomy-and-cloudy scenes are real footage of yesterday.

At the 40-second mark it's me on the right in the hat, Jabba on the left in the groovy shirt and then Ace comes round the corner dressed in black. At about 1:25 you can see Argo front-and-centre with the greenish shirt and black jacket, and Crispy at the front on the right looking at him, then behind them it's me with jumper tied around my waist, Kitty level with me with the long hair and groovy black outfit, Gilly in front of him with long black coat, and it's hard to tell for sure, but I think it's Sleepy just behind my left shoulder, and Jabba peeping out over Kitty's.

On the rapids, clockwise from me it's Sleepy, Crispy (in matching raincoats), Jabba and Gilly. The others didn't want to do the water rides, but they missed a lot of fun. I stayed almost completely dry on the rapids, while the others all got soaked.

On Rita, it's Jabba next to me, Kitty behind me and I think the others except Ace and Mik went on the previous one. Fast! Zoomy! Scary! The Flume is, front to back, me, Gilly, Crispy and Sleepy. With five grown-ups in a tub and it spitting with rain, we got splashed LOTS more than the sunny stock footage shows. And Spinball Whizzer has Kitty next to me, and Jabba and Ace behind. I'm still terrified of that thing, and I've been on it twice now. My ambition is to open my eyes a crack next time.

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Have you destroyed anything with the chem set yet?