Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh well

There are times when you feel all motivated and keen to achieve things, and then there are days when you feel it's more important to sit around doing nothing, and cheerfully give in to notions like "You know, I've never actually played original Donkey Kong, ever. I'd better download it and see what it's like." You just have to take days like this as they come and not worry about them too much.

Anyway, tomorrow it's the bleeding BBC coming round to film me. I'm supposed to teach the presenter, whose name I've forgotten, how to remember people's names. Even though I've told the person I think is the director, whose name I've also forgotten, and the other person who might be the director, who's probably called Catherine something (something that begins with W) that I'm not good at remembering names. And that's not not-good-compared-to-certain-other-superhuman-geniuses, that's not-good-compared-to-certain-unusually-intelligent-bricks. But people never take me seriously when I say I've got a bad memory, they assume it's my adorable putting-myself-down act.

Also, they want me to memorise barcodes in the supermarket again. And since I haven't yet signed anything promising confidentiality and not being downright rude about this latest documentary... I'm not overwhelmed with enthusiasm about this one.

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