Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting there

(Written last night, but my internet connection died)

After last night's whining about memory training, I found the time and the inclination for a 15-minute numbers practice run today. I ended up with an unimpressive score of 576 (attempting 936), but I didn't have any problems with keeping the concentration going for 15 minutes of memorisation and 30 minutes of recall, and my speed of going through the digits was just fine - it was just the kind of mistakes that come from being a little out of practice, combined with the fact that the numbers threw up a whole lot of small furry animal images and I got them all mixed up.

Also weighed myself in Woolworth's again, and found that I weigh exactly the same, to the tenth of a kilo or pound depending which one you want to read, as I did last month, but my fat index has gone up slightly. Whatever that might mean. Still, I'm not too bothered.


mark said...

trying 936? do you mean it is possible for a non-computer ???

Zoomy said...

Well, it's possible to try it. I've never got a perfect 936, but I've come close before.

Gillifrog said...

The furry animals thing gave me a great way of sabotaging your apponents for next year. Subliminally link some numbers to furry animals with them so when they get to that number they have the same confusing state you were faced with. You though Zoomy will have perfected a way of counteracting the furry animal memory bug.This however I will have to leave with you!