Friday, December 21, 2007

The dog of death

I checked the Radio Times synopsis of The Grim Reaper Dog - apparently it has correctly predicted the deaths of 58 residents of a nursing home in Ohio over the last three years, by barking to the staff and then staying with the patient until they pass away. Personally, I think I'd rather end my days in a nursing home that doesn't have a dog that tells me when I'm going to die. It's probably carrying some contagious disease, that'll be how it does it. I'm sorry, this mutt doesn't hold a candle to the Memory Chimp.

It's times like this that I feel I really should find something more worthwhile to blog about...


David said...

There is a similar story about a cat here.

Mike said...

As long as you have a box of Scooby snacks and the ability to throw, you should be OK.

Or try the art of negotiation:
"Will you go to the other guy's bed for 1 Scooby snack?"
"Will you go to the other guy's bed for 2 Scooby snacks?"

Thank God for educational television.

SamT said...

Read that ages ago and have seen the same about a cat. The animals don't normally go near patients till the end is near. Maybe it guides them to the light, who knows.
But I'd prefer to end my days with an animal sitting beside me, which is there to comfort. But then thats from a person who has 2 cats and a cairn terrier sharing her bed most nights!