Saturday, December 15, 2007

Be silly!

I can't help noticing that when I posted a blog entry about global warming, I got three more or less entirely serious comments in response, discussing the extent to which my energy-saving lightbulb would contribute to the crisis. And yesterday when I posted one of my occasional can't-think-of-anything-to-write-about pieces of nonsense (and not even a particularly good one, at that), someone commended it as 'rather imaginative'.

Really, I'm starting to worry that people are taking this blog seriously. So I command everyone who comments on this one to say something completely stupid and not even remotely serious, just to restore Zoomy's Thing's reputation as a totally pointless waste of everyone's time.

Also, you all need to watch Damekko Doubutsu, one of the strangest and funniest Japanese cartoons I've ever seen, about a forest populated by useless animals.


Ace* said...

Fish are the future masters of the planet. They are behind global warming. They swim to the Arctic and throw themselves against the ice, the resulting friction is melting the ice causing sea levels to rise. The fish are reclaiming the earth!

Jemfy said...

Eventually, I think the sky will rain spaghetti. I do not have any scientific evidence to support my hypothesis, but it is raining here tonight and I would have liked spaghetti for dinner, so I have decided to think that spaghetti will rain down from the sky. Eventually.

Mike said...

I have a friend called Serious Lee; and, as far as I can make out, there are 2 reasons behind his name:
1. His first name is Lee;
2. His surname is Serious - but he comes from a country where you say a surname before the first name.
But don't laugh! He died yesterday at the shock of seeing Leon beat Rhydian in the XFactor. So now, he is:
dead Lee Serious !!

Gillifrog said...

My pet pirhana loves eating sausage meat but he wont eat Wall's. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I blame the Russians!