Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm going to get a badge!

Remember back in March when, in a misleadingly-titled blog post, I mentioned that I really love Blue Peter and have always wanted a Blue Peter badge? Well, I got an email today, and they want me on the show! Some time in December! Oooh, I wonder if they'll let me light the advent candle?

Seriously, this is big time stuff, isn't it? Blue Peter! Proper BBC1 nationwide TV, not some grotty satellite channel or Channel 5 or Irish or Brazilian TV, proper British television that lots of proper British impressionable young people will be watching! I don't know why I've suddenly started being famous again, but today I confirmed that I'll be on Radio 4 on Saturday morning (set your tape-recording devices for 9:00), agreed to do a bit more filming for the memory chimp documentary and gushed to a Blue Peter Forward Planning Producer that I'd really really love to be on the programme. And this after a good few weeks when nobody's wanted to talk to me at all.

And maybe I'll be so impressive as a guest on the show that they'll ask me to become the next Blue Peter presenter, and thus fulfil another of my life's ambitions! You can be a Blue Peter presenter when you're bald and bearded and 31, can't you?

Also got a job interview tomorrow, but who cares about being an accountant when you're going to be on Blue Peter?


Ace* said...

That's great news! Can you carry out an interview whilst jumping on a trampoline? If so, then you're a shoe-in for the Blue Peter presenter job!

Mike said...

Perhaps people could talk to you via a phone-in !!!! ;)

Mike said...

Poor Brazil !!!
They gave you a cloak as well!!!!!
And this is the thanks they get !!! ;)

SamT said...

welcome to the BP badge club, lol
Got mine before you were born ZZ in 1972 when I was 12 and at school!!
Even have the original letter from Biddy Baxter still.
I think I have kept more care of that and more 'valuable' things!!
Let us know when you are on so i can watch!
And good luck with interview!!

Anonymous said...

ZZ - why not ask Dave and Jenny Gilpin about how to do it. I have reason to believe their son has already presented the show.