Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm going to get a badge!

Remember back in March when, in a misleadingly-titled blog post, I mentioned that I really love Blue Peter and have always wanted a Blue Peter badge? Well, I got an email today, and they want me on the show! Some time in December! Oooh, I wonder if they'll let me light the advent candle?

Seriously, this is big time stuff, isn't it? Blue Peter! Proper BBC1 nationwide TV, not some grotty satellite channel or Channel 5 or Irish or Brazilian TV, proper British television that lots of proper British impressionable young people will be watching! I don't know why I've suddenly started being famous again, but today I confirmed that I'll be on Radio 4 on Saturday morning (set your tape-recording devices for 9:00), agreed to do a bit more filming for the memory chimp documentary and gushed to a Blue Peter Forward Planning Producer that I'd really really love to be on the programme. And this after a good few weeks when nobody's wanted to talk to me at all.

And maybe I'll be so impressive as a guest on the show that they'll ask me to become the next Blue Peter presenter, and thus fulfil another of my life's ambitions! You can be a Blue Peter presenter when you're bald and bearded and 31, can't you?

Also got a job interview tomorrow, but who cares about being an accountant when you're going to be on Blue Peter?


Anonymous said...

That's great news! Can you carry out an interview whilst jumping on a trampoline? If so, then you're a shoe-in for the Blue Peter presenter job!

Mike said...

Perhaps people could talk to you via a phone-in !!!! ;)

Mike said...

Poor Brazil !!!
They gave you a cloak as well!!!!!
And this is the thanks they get !!! ;)

SamT said...

welcome to the BP badge club, lol
Got mine before you were born ZZ in 1972 when I was 12 and at school!!
Even have the original letter from Biddy Baxter still.
I think I have kept more care of that and more 'valuable' things!!
Let us know when you are on so i can watch!
And good luck with interview!!

Anonymous said...

ZZ - why not ask Dave and Jenny Gilpin about how to do it. I have reason to believe their son has already presented the show.