Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ben Pridmore on Saturday Live

The rather uninspired title is a cunning plan to attract the attention of googlers wanting to look me up after this morning's radio show. Is it a 'show' if it's on the radio? Well, it is now if I say it is.

Anyway, this unseemly publicity-seeking is an attempt to atone for a fairly serious mistake I made during the show - I forgot to mention the thing that was the main reason I agreed to do it in the first place. I still had fun, though - you can hear it here if you're so inclined.

But the thing I was supposed to talk about is that myself and a group of other British memory competitors, all of them called James, are in the process of organising educational and entertaining visits to as many universities in the country who will let us into their hallowed halls. We'll put on a memory performance, hand out memory manuals teaching tricks and organise university memory competitions. It'll be a fascinating introduction to the world of amazing feats like the ones I performed with mixed results on the radio. And you know, I was just about to post this without including the link to the website. I really have a mental block about this, for some reason. CLICK HERE!


Ian said...

Ben! Heard you on the radio this morning and thought you were brilliant! You're really quite the celebrity these days! Please let us know when you're gonna be on Blue Peter. Wow - Blue Peter!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what time Ben's segment is? I don't want to listen to the rest of the programme, seems quite boring!


Zoomy said...

My bit starts about eight minutes into the show, and there are little snippets of me now and then for the rest of the hour. Listen to the whole thing, it's educational and informative!

Mike said...

Looks good!!
The links page hyperlink to memory sports yahoo group needs editing.

SamT said...

Heard, I actually remembered which was a first!!
Didn't know you'd have Muriel!!
And you did sound as though you were having fun, and she sounded nice for a change, lol.
I listened to it all as I realised you could be in and out of it and not just a wee segment!

And I've had a blog dear for a month, and as you can see I have yours linked, lol.
And go for a badge where Blue Peter is concerned!!