Saturday, October 13, 2007

Try, try again

The commentator on the rugby tonight described Sébastien Chabal as 'the 21st century Asterix', because he's really large. Honestly, what do they teach them at school nowadays?

Watching the game right now, after the football this afternoon, not to mention a bit of golf before that. It's not my fault if I haven't achieved anything productive today, it's the TV people.

Also, yes, Boris, got your emails, I'll reply as soon as I get a chance. Likewise James, and no doubt lots of other people too. I'm just lazy. As you can see from the short blog entry tonight.


Samt said...

Dearest ZZ, poor Chabal, he has even been called the Caveman or the beast, so Asterix ( I heard also and wondered ... you what?) was kind ish.
Makes me hanker after the likes of real commentators like the wonderful Bill Maclaren who had oodles of useless information to give you but could string lots of words together about the rugby players.
I didn't watch the same footy match as you but the Scotland one.
And like yourself I didn't get much done.
But then its your birthday weekend, so I think you are allowed to be a little slack!

Zoomy said...

Great result for Scotland, wasn't it? Really hoping they can keep it up and qualify - I'll be watching their game on Wednesday! Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Tadpoles 14 Frogs 9