Thursday, October 11, 2007

Should've wispaed a bit louder

I was quite surprised to read on Sam's blog that Wispas are being re-launched. I'd genuinely never noticed that they'd stopped selling them. Four years ago. How could that, and the subsequent internet campaigns and petitions, have passed me by so completely? It's not like I'm one of those health-food-eating, chocolate-hating weirdos you hear about - whenever I'm passing a newsagent or corner shop, I'll have a choc bar of some description. I quite like Wispas. Has it really been four years since I had one?

What other confectioneries might have been scrapped without my noticing? I'll have to take a thorough inventory of all the sweetie shelves in Derby. Trying to think what chocolate bars I haven't seen lately... Do they still make Topics? Never liked them, but haven't seen one for a while. I'm pretty sure they stopped making Fuse bars, which is a shame, because they were great. I think I heard something about Ripples recently, too - have they stopped, or restarted, those? I remember when they first came out. Wispas too. It's disgraceful that they should stop selling these things without asking me first.


Ace* said...

They still make Ripples, I have 2 packs of 4 under my bed lol!

My OH had a Wispa the other day, not sure how he managed it considering that was before the re-release date. I did ask if he had checked the best before date to ensure it wasn't a 4 year old chocolate bar!

I miss Spiras - they were great for drinking hot chocolate through

David said...

These do still make Topics, and I always get a shiver of excitement when I see a Star Bar on Sale!