Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm gonna live forever

Okay, next Wednesday you all have to skive off work and/or come to Britain to see me on This Morning. They're even putting me up in a hotel in London on Tuesday night! And, in a shining example of effective time management, I've arranged a job interview at DHL at East Midlands Airport for late Wednesday afternoon. Although to be honest I'm not over-enthusiastic about the job.

But that's all for next Wednesday, and as the old saying goes, next Wednesday never comes. Tomorrow, on the other hand, we have the othello nationals! I would really like to do well in it, although as I've hardly played the game for months now, it's unlikely that I will. Still, it's my dream that one day my page on the othello wiki will mention something about my othello-playing ability.


Acesare* said...

Wednesday 19th? I'll be watching! Can't believe I'm friends with a proper celebrity! On the sofa with Phil and Fern, what ever next lol!

Anonymous said...

Ben is still very much courting the media - I supposed it won't be that long before he gets interviewed by Sky News reporter Sarah Lockett.