Friday, August 03, 2007


It's the weekend! This is the first full week's work I've done for a while, so it makes a couple of days off feel extra-special. I'm going to hopefully do some hour numbers and hour cards practice, possibly draw some pictures (remember that learning-to-draw intention I had? Still got it, just haven't had the time to doodle), maybe clean up my flat just in case I decide to move out (living in Nottingham would be a heck of a lot more convenient if I'm going to be working there). All in all, just relax. Yay!


Cheeky~Bandit said...
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Cheeky~Bandit said...

I think you really want to have regular games of othello against who I think was the first (and AFAIK, currently the only player) to be in Who's Who (at least technically as it is his mother is actually there).

9:41 PM