Monday, July 30, 2007

One last observation

I now hold the world records in all the memory championship disciplines involving cards and binary digits, and none of them in the ones involving decimal numbers. It's because I've got good systems for the cards and binaries, better than anyone else (I think so, anyway), but an unexceptional one for the numbers. I need some ideas for how to improve it, something that doesn't involve switching to a 10,000-image thing, because I just don't think that would work.

Okay, that's it. Memory competitions over for another month, British media blissfully unaware that there even was a competition last weekend, I don't need to talk about memory any more. In fact, I resolve to give the whole talking-about-memory thing a rest for, ooh, at least a fortnight. I think my loyal readers have had more than enough.

What did I talk about before this last month or so, anyway? How about work? I'm not technically really looking for a job, but I did agree that Hays could put my CV forward for three permanent jobs today - they sound a bit upset that I've taken a temp job (albeit a temp-leading-to-permanent-possibly job) with another agency, after telling them I didn't want one. I hate to upset anyone. One of these jobs is in Denby again - maybe I'll cycle if I get an interview.

No, work's too dull a subject. Cartoons! I haven't watched nearly enough cartoons lately. Apart from a couple of episodes of Thundercats. I really must do that proper Thundercats review blog thing I was talking about. I'm sure you'll all love to read it. I just want to get some kind of magic device that lets you put pictures from old videos on the internet. I'm sure such a thing exists, but I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to hardware.


Clare said...

Thundercats, ooooh, I love Thundercats!

Did you know that Thundercats The Movie is coming out in 2010?

I can't wait! :-)

Clare said...

Oh yeah, come check out my blog about it!

Roll on 2010! :-)

Mike said...

This is a common misnomer. The feline bipeds are named, and I am sure of this because of the theme song, ...
"thunder thunder thunder cats".
Don't get me started on the proper name for Samurai Jack..

Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself, I´d like to read you writing about memory sports every other day ;)

It reminds me to practise myself.