Monday, June 18, 2007

To all the anonymice out there

I'm fairly certain the plural of anonymous is anonymice. 'Anonymouses' doesn't look right. Anyway, I seem to be getting quite a few comments on the blog just lately, which is great - there was a period when nobody was commenting at all, which makes me feel alone and unloved - but I would appreciate it if you'd put your name on the comments when you do! You don't have to use your real name if for some reason you don't want me to know who you are, just pick an alias and use it consistently. That way when I read my comments I can think to myself "ah, that Herbert Etheridge and his habit of mis-spelling the word 'a' every time he uses it...", rather than just feeling like I'm being shouted at by some unseen stranger in the shadows. I see the Zoomy's-Thing-comment-posting community as a friendly, social kind of gathering where everybody knows your name and we're all friends.

Of course, I would probably get more friendly comments if I made the kind of blog post with some kind of interesting and informative content, wouldn't I? Well, maybe tomorrow.


James Kemp said...

Only one comment.............go to Germany and win!

Katy said...


And having made that insightful comment, I'd really logged on to say 'Don't forget your interview tomorrow, and really, really good luck. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Shnuzzles - K'

Anonymous said...

Are you talking to me? *big grin*

Will do.


Anonymous said...

Zoomy! Ian here, that writer chap! Sorry I contributed to the whole anonymous thing - just thought it'd be fun! Didn't think about the shadows! Anyway, you really should talk more about the Thundercats! I've so much to learn! And yeah, just go to Germany and kick ass, man - it's only work!

Ian said...

And another thing, Zoom. Have you ever checked out the brilliant comic book shop TRAVELLING MAN in Nottingham? God, it's FANTASTIC!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymice is a great word.

G'luck with the interview. Kick arse. In a getting job type way, not beating up the interviewer - they might not like that.