Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aww, Sundays suck again

I'd forgotten that 'oh, I've got to go back to the office tomorrow morning' feeling that comes up on Sunday nights. That's the thing about weekends being special, it also means that they end. And I didn't get round to typing up my othello transcripts. Or ironing shirts.

Anyway I find myself without anything fun in my brain to write about tonight. So I'll just discuss the memory training I'm doing at the moment. The plan, and I've more or less stuck to it so far, is to do a speed numbers practice when I get home every evening, trying to memorise 468 digits in five minutes with somewhere close to good recall. I think I'm getting closer, but whether I'll be confident with it before the world championship, I don't know. I also do three packs of cards in an evening, and then if I'm not bored with memory, a bit of spoken numbers. I should really add binaries to the list too, but I do like to do other stuff with my evenings too.

Which reminds me, the South German championship is on Sunday and I still haven't decided whether to go or not. It does mean taking the day off work, and I don't get paid for days off on my temp contract, but then I don't really care about getting paid anyway. I think I'll see how this interview goes on Wednesday and then decide at the last moment.

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