Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An epic, did I say?

The main reason I haven't written any huge long blog entries just lately is that there hasn't really been a great deal happening to me. I'm annoyed by how long it's taking to find a new job. I've got enough time and money to be able to pick and choose, but that's the kind of logic that only applies if there's job offers to pick and choose from. And to be honest, I seem to be having trouble even getting interviews for the good jobs.

I'm quite offended. Although I don't like to admit it in case people think I'm cool, I am in all honesty a darn good accountant. I know how many beans make five. I know how to present the information in such a way that it makes five beans look like a really good thing. I can tell other people when and how to go and count the beans. Admittedly I've spent the last six months indulging myself and my weird hobbies rather than diligently crunching numbers, but lots of cool people take career breaks nowadays. It's positively fashionable.

Someone give me a job! I need something to complain about!

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