Saturday, June 09, 2007

Behind the sofa

Doctor Who SCARED me tonight! Seriously, the bit where he blinks and the thing's suddenly about an inch away from his face, I squealed out loud. It was great! I don't think I've actually done that because of something I've seen on Doctor Who before, ever.

Anyway, it's time for another entertaining tale of the memory man who forgets things. You know I said yesterday that I didn't have any plans for the weekend? Well, actually, I had agreed to have lunch with Vicky and her great-aunt and uncle, and to bring Grandma along with me. But having agreed to do that, about a fortnight ago, the whole thing dropped out of my brain completely until Vicky sent me an email roughly an hour before we were supposed to meet up. Still, it was fun. But I really need to work on how to remember things other than playing cards.


Anonymous said...

I thought the tone was all too jolly when the doctor breaks the news to the policeman that he will have to wait a long time to deliver his message.
And the rain scene when the news was delivered was touching.
A bit nasty scaring kids with the idea that all statues are just waiting to get you [and previously that all mirrors have a creepy girl in them]
Whoo oo oo!
Whoo oo oo oo !
dow dow dow
dow du-du dow !!
scooby doo be do scoo be do
scoo be do be do
where are u u u
u u u
u u u u u

Anonymous said...

It's words to match the theme tune of Dr Who
Yes, it's bad but I would pay good money to the BBC if they would use it even if just once.
Yes, I am anticipating your thoughts.
It's not perfect because I have a transcript but I can't read Pitman's.

Zoomy said...

Yes, I would have expected the Doctor to say something to the policeman like "Stick with me, and when we get back to 2007, we'll take you along with us," rather than "Yep, you've travelled back in time and you're stuck here now, this is what you have to do in 38 years..."