Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reactor engaged, traction locked, all go!

I noticed in HMV today that Thundercats is finally out on DVD! The first 33 episodes, anyway, which is a good start. I never really understood why it wasn't released a few years ago when 80s cartoon nostalgia was really, really big. Everything else was. And Thundercats was the BEST of the half-hour-toy-advert cartoons that made my childhood so special - yes, better than Transformers, better than He-Man, the whole lot of them. Nothing could beat Thundercats.

I've already got all of these episodes on video, taped off the TV when they were first shown (except "Pumm-Ra", when we had the video set to the wrong channel and taped the snooker on BBC2 instead, and "Spitting Image", where the tape ran out half way through, but I've got those on the commercial VHS release - luckily, they were not only two of the handful of episodes that were released on video, but they were both on the same tape!), but I might buy the DVD anyway, just to show support for Thundercats in general. Thundercats Hoooooooo!

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