Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They're taking over the house

My cuddly toy collection, that is. I acquired two more at the weekend - a green dinosaur who seems to have been living in Ace's parents' house since time immemorial, who I've decided to call Denver, and a beanie baby red dragon, a birthday present from Jack, who I'm calling Siadwel. That makes nine stuffed toys and a plastic clockwork lobster sitting in my armchair right now.

Anyway, so far today I've practised all six number or card events that'll be in the German championship and got reasonable scores in all of them, read the entire archive of Mynarski Forest and I'm now watching the second football game of the evening. I could get used to this not-going-to-work thing. If I wasn't going back to work on Friday, that is. Still, I have a strange urge to go to Lincoln tomorrow - it came up in conversation over the weekend, and I realised I haven't been there for yonks, although it used to be a favourite hangout. I've never gone there by train before, and it turns out it's just as inconvenient to get to from Derby as it was from Boston (everywhere's inconvenient to get to from Boston), but it'll probably be fun just as a one-off.

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