Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Farmer's Wife

Apologies for not posting anything over the weekend. As I've mentioned before, it's kind of inhibiting to write this while I've got someone staying with me.

It's not a shortage of trivial thing to talk about, of course, I'll never run out of those. For one thing, we moved down into our real office on Friday afternoon. It's great, we've got all the latest technology like flat plasma screens and wireless mouses and keyboards hooked up to our obsolete PCs. I like the idea of tail-less mouses. It fits with my theory that all technology is in fact magic and doesn't conform to any scientific logic. I'll explain it in detail some time if I'm really bored, or else write a book about it, but basically the idea is that anything's possible if enough people believe it is.

What's more interesting is that Campino have started selling a different assortment of fruit sweets - peach, raspberry and blackcurrant. Not all mixed together in one sweet, separate sweets in each flavour, all mixed together in a bag. I wholeheartedly applaud this idea, because previously they've just sold peach, raspberry and blueberry, and blueberry sweets taste horrid. Blackcurrant isn't very nice either, but at least it's a British flavour that more people like over here. It offends me when sweet manufacturers don't tailor their product for each international market - keep that up and we'll be eating grape-flavour skittles, which is just wrong.

I like Campinos. They're like eating real fruit, only with a delicious chemical aftertaste.

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